It's a Lifestyle.


was initially started by mixing my love for good food and even better weed. As a longtime tobacco and cannabis user, I could feel the toll smoking was taking on my lungs. I needed to give them a break. It was my goal to stop smoking without sacrificing the healing medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Food has always been my hobbie, marijuana my passion. With years of experience as a cultivator and a consumer, I've encountered many different edibles along my journey. They each have their own characteristics but all neglect to cater to one's individual needs. If this wasnt enough, the texture of them is off and they taste generic.

That's what makes IncRxEdibles different. The taste, texture - even your diet limitiations, nutritional necessesities and lifestyle are each, my prioritized focus. I want to cater to you with something that not only tastes amazing but makes you feel amazing too.

At IncRxEdibles, we take your grandma's best recipe, and infuse it with our special blend of herbs and oil.

The results are unrivaled. Everytime. I promise.

-Mr. IncRxEdible

Best Place
Our clients say...

I booked IncRxEdibles for my 32nd birthday. They were accommodating with my need for a traveling caterer. They were also early upon arrival which was greatly appreciated. After brief introductions the magic began! My guests were allowed to watch the prep of our meal and ask questions about the process. The fruit and meat platter we received while waiting for our meal was a total hit. The only word to describe the perfectly made infused chicken and salmon that we received is INCRxEDIBLE 😊. Our choice of mashed potatoes from scratch and fresh veggies could not have been any better. They even brought samples of their marvelous edibles for a small dessert. My birthday was amazing. My friends and family raved about the meal for weeks after. Book IncRxEdibles for your next event if you know what’s good for you! Thank you again for a wonderful evening.

Dani P.

"Ok so first I still need to know how you make the cookies SO SOFT! I messed around and ate a pack like it was a regular SNACK! Thank you so much for the continued service these thangs are the TRUTH as well as delicious!! I can’t wait to see what flavors y’all come up with cause you know I’m getting it!!"
Amazing, organic taste. I loved the CinnastaXX crispie. The "IncRxEdibles" name says it all!
The SH**  is FIRE! Gummies every night and crispies all day.